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Twix & The Bang Game - Teeter Dog Agility Training

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Ajoutée Jul 14, 2014


We all went to the agility field today! It was a hot day! I am not sure but it had to be in the 80's. To many of you that is nice, but to us it is hot! :)

We worked on the bang game with the teeter. Twix is really getting it. He is not afraid of the noise it makes or the movement. AWESOME!

Bandit did some agility, frisbee, played ball, and did some tricks.
Isabelle searched for gophers and did the weaves.
Twix, did everything that Bandit did in addition to the teeter.

They were tired pups when I got home. YES, I love tired happy dogs! :)

Have a great day!

Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Twix

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