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OEC 2013 - Anja Christiansen & Feahunden's Queeny Las - HTM EUROPEAN CHAMPION

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Ajoutée Jul 17, 2014

Championnat d'Europe Obérythmée - OEC 2013 Dogdance - Final HTM

(Sorry for the weird soundtrack - it seems something went wrong when I saved it, but I can't change it now - so hope you enjoy anyway !)

Anja Christiansen & Feahunden's Queeny Las (Border Collie) - Denmark

Please note an official DVD with high definition videos will be for sale, visit http://oec2013.wordpress.com
Videos here are low definition, so don't hesitate to buy the DVD.
Please note I am not from the organization, so just contact them via the website for further information.

Obé rythmée



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