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KLM Lost & Found service

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Ajoutée Sep 28, 2014

KLM’s dedicated Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is on a mission to reunite lost items as soon as possible with their legitimate owner. From a teddy bear found by the cabin crew to a laptop left in the lounge. Locating the owners can sometimes be a challenge, so special forces have been hired…
And remember: if it happens to you, the KLM Social Media team is always there for you on Facebook and Twitter!



Yes, it's a lot of fun. Personally I think he is a real asset to the company. And he can really do something no one else can. Our main goal is to return lost items to the owner. As fast as possible. To do that, we monitor social media. And the crew checks the plane after every flight. I really like the fact that we are now getting some help with that.
We train for muscle strength, endurance, and of course socialization.
When you see the reactions of the passengers that really is amazing. He drops by regularly but I have to admit: I do spoil him a bit.




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