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Goat Tricks: Clicker Training

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Ajoutée Jul 22, 2014

These are my two new goats: Thelma & Louise. They are best buddies and so much fun. Thelma loves to train and work for crunchy alfalfa treats. Louise is getting more confident. She was very shy when I got her. :)

Many of the tricks in this video are just natural behaviors that goats love to do. I just added my body. :) Goats love to jump up on things. So, first I rewarded for jumping on the stumps and then I sat on the stumps and she quickly jumped up into my lap. I think by starting with natural behaviors, it will help build their confidence and make training valuable and fun.

I am still working on shaping them to wear their harness, then I will teach them to walk on a leash. :)

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I am very good at responding to questions and would love to help you train your dog in any way that I can.

I offer online classes in Clicker Training Basics, Canine Freestyle, and Play-N-Train Recalls.

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