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22 Rear End Awareness Exercises for Dogs in Agility, Freestyle, Rally Obedience etc.

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Ajoutée Aug 1, 2014

There are many ways you can help a dog to learn how and where to move her back end. At the end is also a few examples of where it is needed for performance sports.

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List of exercises:
cavalotti (sticks laying on ground unorganized or ladder like
walk between the rungs of a ladder
several jumps raised to dog's elbow height placed about dog's shoulder width apart
walking on the rungs of a ladder raised off the ground a few inches
walking and running a board and doing 2 feet on, 2 feet off
walking on two parallel garden ties with left feet on left tie and right feet on right tie
walking between two ties
walking on a row of tires
walking on the edge of a tire being rolled
back foot targeting
backing in front of the person
backing up a few stairs
targeting hand with each back foot
backing onto chair
front feet pivoting on a book (also called perch work)
targeting hand with hip
standing or sitting on a stool
turning around on a stool
crawling (paw target to paw target)
turn and backing between legs
jumping up on study objects



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